Over the course of the internship there were several goals that I wanted like to achieve. These largely came out of our discussion that took place in February of 2015. Below are the goals and an updated look at how they were achieved.

One key area I would like to gain experience in is digitizing and properly preparing materials to be listed online. Some past experience I have has involved photographing documents and putting them on a website. They weren’t searchable and were barely usable. I would like to learn a proper method for doing this so that the documents are able to be used. Additionally, I would like to complete write ups for each project that details what the project is and what can be found by viewing it. This will allow users to get a glimpse of what the documents are before reading them.

This was achieved in a few ways, largely through the scrapbook project. While OCR was never run on these documents, the process did allow me to put into practice information I learned in my coursework at Kent State.

I would like to work on both a larger project as well as several smaller ones to gain a variety of experience. Having the smaller projects will allow me to learn more about multiple methods of digitizing and preparing a larger sample of materials, while the larger project will teach me the ability to be consistent and gain the experience brought about from a long term project.

The large project was handled with the Cornell Diaries and several other projects gave me a look at a wider variety of librarianship. Between the LibGuides, Scrapbooks, grant writing, and collection development, the smaller projects were easily accomplished.

Aside from digitizing, I would like to also gain some reference skills by assisting on the reference desk when possible. Most of my experience comes from public library work and I would like to learn how the questions asked at an academic library differ and try and find the skills that bridge between the two.

This did not get covered, but it wasn’t discussed much after my first initial meetings. I’m not too disappointed with this since I have a little experience already and was taking a reference and research methods course at the same time.

It was mentioned the possibility for doing grant writing. With limited practical experience in this area, I would like to take what I learned in a workshop and apply it to this task. While this area is not yet known whether the opportunity will arise, if given the chance I would like to try my hand at this.

While it didn’t go as originally planned, this was covered towards the end of the internship where I got to revise and ultimately decide the work was more than I could do with my remaining time left.

When I met with the Otterbein staff in February, it was mentioned that I would receive a budget to add to the library’s collection in some manner. While the exact plan for what I would add hasn’t come to me yet, I would like to try and add something new that is unique to the collection or expand a smaller collection with this budget.

With six books ordered for the collection, I can say this goal was accomplished and I got to see the way it is handled at Otterbein which is different than my previous collection development experience.

Lastly, I would like to get the chance to explore how an academic library functions by shadowing across several departments at the library such as collection development, acquisitions, cataloging, and ILL. This will help me to understand how the library functions and to gain the insight as to how different types of organizations operate.

While I didn’t gain that much hands on experience, I held meetings with many of the librarians to gain perspective into how they work and keep the Otterbein library running.